July 1st, 2007


Washington UBF Sunday service

Soon I am going to go to church. I actually enjoy Sunday mornings ^__^
Since we do Sunday services here a little differently, I wanted to post about it!

Order of Service (I think I have the order about right...)

Praise and worship time (this is when we sing along with the two guitars and drum set^^)
Silent individual prayer
Opening hymn
Representative prayer (one person prays for the service)
Second hymn
Reading of the passage (we read responsively)
Special song (sometimes a person or group will sing or perform a song)
Message (or the sermon)
Third hymn
Offering prayer
Closing hymn
Close with the Lord's Prayer

Then, after the service is over, we break into fellowship groups. These are a set group of people (about 7-12 people per group). We share something we learned from the message and then prayer topics for the week. If it is somebody's birthday, my fellowship buys a birthday cake and we sing and eat to celebrate!! :D After sharing, we pair off 2-by-2 to pray together. We usually pray for the other members of the fellowship and especially for the person with which we are praying.

After praying, we rush to the kitchen to fill our plates with home-cooked food! Every Sunday after church they serve lunch. Each week, a different fellowship is responsible for cooking. It's a lot of work, but everybody enjoys it! We chat and eat and then break up to go home.

And that's it^^ It's a nice morning.
Of course, were I at home it would also be nice! They are studying the fruit of the Spirit over the summer. I am missing out! Not really, though. I could listen to the sermons online, if I made the time^^... At my home church we don't have a drum set, but we sing praise and worship songs. And while we don't have a full lunch, we do have dessert! Usually someone makes snacks for the time during Sunday school - so I can always find a tasty cookie and tea. Church is fun :)

Ok, off I run!
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