July 3rd, 2007


The disciple whom Jesus loved

Today in Bible study we took a look at the second half of John chapter 13. In it, for the first time, we encountered the phrase "the disciple whom Jesus loved." I am beginning to understand some of the significance of this.

While it may be easy to say "God so loved the world,"
how easy is it for us to say "God loves me right now"?

Of course, God loves the entire world of people. He doesn't create without a purpose. But, I think it is hard to really feel like this awesome and unseen God loves us in a real and individual kind of way. But I have found that coming to His word, this is what He wants to tell us. God deals with individuals. So why do I tend to always abstract things and leave them be? We are given the bread of life, so let's take it! ^___^

I am really enjoying the Gospel of John.
I also feel the urge to read Acts. In order to learn how to live by the Spirit.

Now, I printed a mass of articles, so I must quickly read them and pick out important infos. Then, it's time to eat and stop by the library. I hope I can get everything done! Even though I am beginning to feel the pressure of the last week of summer classes, I feel quite at peace. I came to see that we can glorify God through work we may not like. Jesus saw his future suffering in John 13:31-32, but knew that it was really glorifying to God. So, even though my homework is a pain and I hate it with a passion, if I do it "for the glory of God" with a heart to serve Him and not men, I can deal with it :)
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