July 14th, 2007


The past few days...

I haven't been on a computer since Thursday since my days and nights have been one big blur. There was a lot of work to get done, but most of it is done. The records paper is submitted, the software evaluation paper and final are completed. All that remains are the papers, which are due by Wednesday. Ah, finally, I get a moment to rest. This is a rare treasure!

Some thoughts I have collected on my desk to post over the past few days:

Thursday, even at the start of the chaos, I was satisfied that the end was in sight. Since then I have been confused, but persevering. I was singing and washing dishes on Thursday (or was it Wednesday?)

I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart.
I will enter His courts with praise.
I will say this is the day that the LORD has made.
I will rejoice for He has made me glad.

I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever.
With my mouth, will I make known Thy faithfulness to all generations. All generations.

On Thursday in class, a very nice classmate of mine told me about www.librarything.com -- I am so excited to register and get to work cataloging!! Seriously, though, it is a really cool online place to post books you own or have read and share interests and suggestions with others. Go see for yourself! :)

Now I am summoned by my roommate! Dinner time!

Dreams of mountains

I was just thinking about some dreams I have had in the past. In recalling a couple, I realized a theme that is recurring throughout a number of dreams in different ways. Let me generally describe the dreams.

1. Sometime before January 2006: I was with a group traveling to the fields at the foot of the mountains. We wanted to actually hike up to and through the mountains, for they were blooming in the spring with cherry blossoms. However, we were kept from the mountains by some threatening authorities. Or perhaps the far distance alone kept us from reaching them.

2. Fall 2006: I was running. I was running as fast as I could. I needed to reach the foot of the mountains. Over the green grass, over the green fields, to the pink blooming mountains. There were two layers of pink - the trees beneath the mountain and the mountains themselves. Though we ran faster than the wind, we did not make it in time. We reached the lesser of the pink ridges but not to the greater.

3. Spring 2007: Again, I was racing over the ground. This time, through the low mountains, along the hilly land. I found an abandoned village and went inside a building to stay hidden. Still, they found me and brought me to them. As I backpack fell to the ground, my weapon fell out. Yes, my notes and my books. And the enemy knew this was my weapon - for they were the ones who had taught me. 'Why, why did you not stay with us and rule with us?' They asked. Yes, these to whom I was loyal now stood to threaten me. What could I say? (Katzia)

In all the cases, the mountains are where I seek go.
I seek to run, to fly to the mountains. To run to hide.
Though I never am safe, I am not harmed.
What is it they want?
And why is it that I go there?
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