July 29th, 2007



I am back!
The conferences were wonderful :)
At Buckit Week we dug deep into fundamental Christian principles to see their shape and form, handling them with a critical eye so as to understand them very clearly. We also explored the source of our joy/work as God's children. At the UBF conference, we sought to understand the depth of God's amazing love through messages, meditations, studies, and worship. Now, may we wash one another's feet!

When I got back to my desk this evening, I found a note left to post about, so let me do that before I go home tomorrow and leave it behind.

In a post in October last year I mentioned that I was thinking about:
'Freedom "from this counterfeit life" [as] Pavel Anitpov puts it.'

This came to mind when we studied 1 John chapter 2, because the term "counterfeit" came up again. 1 John 2:27 says that the anointing of the Holy Spirit on believers is not counterfeit, but real. It may not be a visible change, but Spiritually, they are sealed with God's Promise. They no longer belong to the world, but to God. And the life that He gives is real, a spring welling up to eternal life (John 4:14).

'For thus says the LORD to the house of Israel: "Seek Me and live"'
Amos 5:4

I plan to type up notes from the conferences while I am home, but it will take some time. I filled one and a half composition notebooks, draining one and a half bic pens. In the meantime, I will leave it at that and finish packing for tomorrow's trip.

Bible Teacher

When I worked at the library at Gettysburg College, my boss told me that I would not make a good teacher, but that I would make a great tutor. He said that I have a personality suited for helping a small number of people at a time. I will agree that this is true. I have had to teach classes once or twice and I really did not feel comfortable doing it. When I am tutoring a single student at a time, though, it is very exciting and I love it~

When I tutored Japanese students, I was a task-master! Participation was mandatory, so students were always trying to get out early. But there was none of this "leaving early" business when I was the there to say something about it! No, tell me what these flashcards say! Show me your workbook!
今日、何を食べましたか? [What did you eat today?]
一番好きな食べ物は何ですか? [What's your favorite food?]

When I tutored information technology, I had to take a different approach. Here, my classmates were tense and confused, so I approached the material more gently^^ One step at a time is the name of that game. I tried to make myself available as many hours as possible and found grading to be a struggle. It was a challenge for them and for me.

If I gain such satisfaction from guiding students to learn knowledge, how much more would my joy be to guide students to find the life of Scripture!

At the summer Bible conference, the shepherds were told to strive to show the full extent of God's love to one student. This means putting forth effort to prepare notes, being patient in arranging meetings, sacrificing time to meet and pray for them, and being sincere in kindness. It may seem like that is a lot of work, but a single student is precious. A single man fathered a great nation through which the whole earth was blessed.

If it is God's will, I want to become a 1-to-1 Bible teacher.

I still can't help wondering, though, what about the job in PA for which I applied several months ago? Also, where would I live in Washington to continue participation in the ministry? And how would I find a job and transportation to pay the rent? While the hope is so pure and exciting, I don't yet know if this is my path. I continue to pray that God's will, not mind be done. And along with it, I pray for courage to bear His Will for me. If He walks with me, who can fell me? No Goliath can stand against the hand of God.

As we learned at Buckit Week - Pray for open doors!
God is faithful.