August 7th, 2007


Optimus was...what?

This is the coolest thing I have learned in a long time:

What was Optimus Prime back in his early days?
Answer: An archivist!

That's right, Optimus Prime was a data collector/archivist/librarian on Cybertron! (I can't tell you how amused and excited I was when I learned this!) You can read about it in the comic series called Transformers: The War Within. Needless-to-say I am in the midst of purchasing these comics...

Another great feature of this series is the inclusion of my favorite Autobot - Hound. This is one of the only scans of him I could find to satisfy my curiosity: Cybertronian Hound. This scan is even more exciting because Prowl is there, too. (Prowl is my brother's favorite.)

Now, I am gonna go get some lunch and get a hair cut...
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