August 14th, 2007


Summer fun

Thursday, Aug 9 - Day trip to Lancaster for an appointment
Friday, Aug 10 - Day trip to Gettysburg to celebrate my grandmother's birthday (Hickory Bridge) and to visit
Saturday, Aug 11 - Afternoon and evening duty at the West Milton Homecoming Festival (dad dipped ice cream, mom handled supplies, and I was cashier!)
Sunday, Aug 12 - Church in the morning, church committee meeting in the afternoon, and visiting gram and pap in the evening
Monday, Aug 13 - Sent mail and recieved 3 textbooks and the Transformers comic, worked on birthdays for my brother and grandfather (included card design and shopping), got bloodwork done, made lasagna for dinner with mom, made two loaves of peach bread with mom, watched Dirty Jobs (as he destroyed lumps of clay on the wheel XD)
Tuesday, today - Visit my old place of occupation, cook a birthday cake, ?

When we visited my grandmother, she gave us a big box full of peaches from her tree. They are very tasty, even though they are small. Since then, we have been eating peaches, peaches, peaches! :D We baked a peach cobbler (I think Friday) and it took 25 peaches. Last night we made two loaves of peach bread, but I neglected to count the peach pits when it was finished. I have really gotten better at peeling peaches, but the sticky and wet nature of the job still makes it tricky. It's been fun!

Also, my brother and I have played some of the Star Wars lego game, thanks to shynessislife! It is so cute and fun, but the Tatooine pod race was a huge pain! :p Claire, I've been meaning to get back to your email and find you on IM, but I haven't had time to check my email in a few days! Sorry!