August 31st, 2007


These busy UBF days!

Week of EMPM (early morning prayer meetings)
Evening of singing practice with the Living Stones
Night of tofu and nori dinner, eating with the chopsticks Jaeyoon left me!

I can't be impatient when I am in the house of God :) No, it's far too much fun!

I am finally beginning to feel comfortable in this place! I got to see the inside of the prayer house the other day and I am getting to know all the missionaries' names. Sharing bread and a sanctuary of prayer, laughter and confusion, it's all the sort of thing we do here!

Now I am just left with all the questions.

But how can I worry about these when I am so amused with Paul's new vehicle purchase and the shock on Frederick's face when he saw his name on the calendar! Also, when I hear of other's hopes and dreams, victories and trials, reflections and stories.

The right door will be opened. Yes, the right one.
I just hope I will notice it when it does and be brave enough to step through.