September 2nd, 2007



Another google search. Any news?
Has the poem returned? Has the poet left a trail?
I feel guilty as I ask.

But there's no chirping bird today.
No swaking sparrow. I am quiet and still.
In part, I understand.
Though it be so, it does not give comfort to my curious heart. I wonder... I wish...
But what can I do now? I am bound by my own will!
I feel this odd sense of binding, as though I owe something. Yet I am not the light of day. I am only a moon. Though, perhaps to you, a fallen moon.

the fallen moon of Muad'Dib.

Is it my own sincerity, a loyalty?
Is it temptation?
Is it nothing more than the nostalgia of the music?

"It stirs up curious feelings."
Do you ever pass by here?

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