September 13th, 2007


Career meme

lemur_cat posted a fun meme. It recommended careers based on personality traits. Apparently, I am more well suited to arts/crafts and hands-on work. I do enjoy working with webpages for that reason. I sometimes feel that I am caught between a love for work that is done with my hands and work that challenges (occupies) my mind.
Well, here were some of the specific suggestions:

1. Sign Maker - Ironic! I job-shadowed a sign-maker in high school. And I didn't really like it.
2. Air Traffic Controller - No. All I have to say is no. That's just scary!
8. GIS Specialist - This does sound fun :)

17. Ship's Crew - They know my secret dream!!
19. Cartographer - This would be fun, too! Can I do that and sail at the same time?
22. Optical / Ophthalmic Lab Technician - I am interested in the human eye, as well as Braille.

23. Bookbinder - I applied for this job in our college library.
25. Survey Tech - I would do this if I could use the transit all day!
26. Gunsmith - ^_^

30. Animator - The first real job I considered as a child.
37. Web Developer - That's more like it.
38. Video Game Developer - Now we get to the good stuff!
40. Database Developer - Oracle, here I come!
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