September 15th, 2007


Bubble tea

Last night I had bubble tea!
It's the first time that I ever tried it. I got an Earl Grey flavor and there were not-so-little black tapioca bubbles/balls in the bottom floating around. It was weird, but fun! (I think the milk did not sit well with me though - I haven't had milk in tea before and never drink it out of a glass.)
The conversation also had me thinking a lot last night. I haven't figured out if I am right in the way I feel about some things or if I am abnormal and need to righten myself with the correct perspective.
On a not-so-unrelated topic, I have been working some on organizing the bits of my story that I have written up. I put these pieces into hyperlink form so I can quickly jump from one thing to another. For example, on my character page, I have each character's name followed by hyperlinks to each chapter in which s/he appear. The "chapters" are only quick sketches and are all listed on one HTML page with in-page links to the start of each chapter. I also have the detailed country information aggregated for one country. I need to eventually add the notes and maps I have drawn up at home on paper... Also, I need to do more actual writing. I want to do more today, but I need to motivate myself to finish the mini project for class and get more reading done.
First, though, scrambled eggs and matza with jelly. I don't buy bread, since it sits around and grows mold. Matza doesn't grow mold, though! :)
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Writing style

Some people start with the skeleton and build on this to "flesh out" the story. They have a basic outline and fill in the details.

Others start from the head and work their way down. They have no idea where the story will end up, but they go chapter by chapter until completion.

Others have some idea of the basic shape and add a chunk here, another there, slowly weaving the isolated pieces together. They have a vague idea of how to start and end, but the story comes together piece by piece in no particular order. I write this way!

Did I miss any other styles, by the way?


Just like my first semester, the workload has me a bit heavy-laden. My right eye keeps wanting to twitch. Or maybe I just sat in front of my CRT monitor too long! Cathode!