September 19th, 2007


Long. Day.

Today, I woke up at 5:00. Early morning prayer service ran from 5:30-7:00. From 7:00-9:15, I skimmed half of the web resources for my class this afternoon. I then went to the First Look Fair and did table duty from 10:00-12:30. At 12:30, I ran to Stamp Union to pick up a new bus schedule (the shuttle now goes a slightly different route and this threw me off the first week of class) and a hamburger. I ran back to Hornbake with the hamburger and ate it on first floor at 12:45. I ran into a classmate and we caught up on news. I then ran up to my class and made it in time, 12:55, with five minutes to spare.

Class went all right. We did an observational study of a user preparing a peanut-butter and jelly sandwich. We saw that we make poor observers and that well-conducted user studies are harder than they look! I need to work on my midterm.

After class, I ran upstairs to meet a student in my TA class and helped her to solve an HTML image tag problem. Then I ran into another old classmate of mine. He gave me advice for preparing for the professional job-searching world. It was much appreciated.

After this, I ran back to Stamp Union for dinner. I couldn't finish my Chinese food. And I never just throw food away... Tonight I was not hungry.

Class this evening was immensely fun, at least! We did linear programming and I was able to understand and successfully complete the practice problems! I caught the bus at 9:00 and made my way home, reading the new Dune novel. Leto II is just scary.

Now...It's already bedtime.