September 22nd, 2007


Collapsing point

I think we all have a sore spot in our lives. And when someone touches it, we collapse. Then, when they ask you what's wrong, you cannot say because your whole world has just collapsed in and around you and it is not clear what started the avalanche.

It probably indicates that something needs to be addressed, but like Ultra Magnus says, "I don't have time for that now!"

Like home

The moon is waxing.
Yesterday was a fun day. My parents came and we got to spend the day together eating sushi, playing stepmania, doing laundry, purchasing webspace, rearranging my freezer, and chatting about a variety of things. When they come, it's like being home. I guess they bring that sense of home with them! Home is not a 'place,' though it gives you a sense of place.

They also brought a ton of great food with them. Non-pareils, cheetoes, mini-cheesecakes, as well as the healthy & good stuff like hot dogs, veggies, and fruit. I sent back with them extra books and stuff that I don't need lying around my stuffed bookshelf.

I spent the evening eating pizza down the street with the Search the Scriptures gang. I learned a lot about Columbia and Iran from two of the new students!

Today I had a rough morning - just like yesterday morning. It really shook me up. Why does the topic of conversation have to be about the kind of thing I avoid thinking about?
After getting settled back into my schedule, I did my reading for Wednesday's presentation. I have yet to plan the presentation. I then sent out grades to the students. I spent the evening reading 705 and 795 reading till now. I had a tasty TV dinner of sweet & sour chicken and started my bag of cheetoes while listening to Sarah Harmer and singing along. I think of all my music, I can sing along with those songs the easiest. Its the notes and also the lyrics.

"Look at that grain out through the screen
after a quick rain came
So fast that
there wasn't time to roll up the windows
or pull the clothes down off the line

But I don't care
It was so dry -
the grass is happy now
And so am I"