October 11th, 2007

The heavens declare

690, cw, the usual

Tonight I graded one section's homework and then went on to assist with other HTML code and read up on CW (morse code). I learned a lot about the etiquette of CW from WB8FSV. Among other things, I learned that though IM uses LOL as a laugh, CW uses HI.

I am ready to get started studying for my license from ARRL!

In other random news, the arm on my glasses broke, forcing me to wear my older pair yesterday. My old glasses would be very useful in the case of reenacting because they have no nose-pieces. Yet, for this same reason, they are a bit awkward to get used to wearing. Also, the prescription is slightly off, which made my head buzz for a while as I sat waiting to present my paper summary for HCI. I was the 13th - and last - student to present. Tonight, my ears were buzzing, and so I finally got around to turning off the air conditioner. It is so loud these days... While on the subject of senses, all day my nerves have been on edge and I am very clumsy. I attempted to play Stepmania to clear my mind, but I only managed to stumble about on the keyboard. Very strange. Hopefully my senses will be better tomorrow after I have had some time to catch my breath after this week/month.

Today's weather, though was lovely! It was overcast all day with great massive clouds and there was a chill on the air. It's fall :)

I have been feeling much better since Sunday. There is such peace in remembering Isaiah 52:12. I panicked so much about what I will do; but in the end, I don't have to be the one forging the way.

Tomorrow's plan is to work out my hierarchy for tea. Saturday I have two meetings and need to start grading the other section's homework. I thought I would get a break this weekend - enough to sit back and watch Metropolis - but that will have to wait until next weekend. This weekend, next weekend, they all run together anyway!

73! (=best regards)