October 13th, 2007


amateur radio sounds so fun

I am so excited about amateur radio! They can do all kinds of things, such as:

-trade QSL cards with people all over the world
-volunteer to help out in weather emergencies
-talk to astronauts (woah!)
-own a shack full of all kinds of techy equipment

Now I am really impatient.

tea thesaurus, meetings, societies

Today I got a lot of miscellaneous things done.
I made it to EMPM and then my friend Sarah treated me and Adriana to breakfast at a great bakery. I got a "bear claw." It was a fluffy pastry with almond shavings on top. Very tasty...
Later, I had two meetings to catch up on coursework and groupwork. One was at 9am and the other was at 4pm. In between meetings I picked up some envelopes and notebooks at the bookstore. I also applied for memberships to some organizations. I have been putting this off, but I need to do it before I graduate this December. Now, I am officially a member of ALA and will soon also join ASIS&T. After doing all of these things, I spent the early part of the evening finishing my share of the team project and submitting it. I hope it all works out!
Finally, I was able to spend the latter part of the evening catching up on some quiet time. My mind settled itself into place as I sat listening to music and browsing resources about ham radio online. I needed that time to allow my mind and body to refresh.

Let me just say, too, that the air today was cool and so refreshing. I am really happy that the weather is changing. I look forward to winter hats, hot chocolate, and the holiday season.