October 15th, 2007


Attack of Mold!

Yesterday I thought my bathroom smelled funny. I figured it must just be the poor air quality of my apartment in general. I found some vanilla spray and sprayed the air to cover the dank smell.

Later, I went to get some trash bags out from under my sink and noticed the smell was worse when I did so... Hmm, was the smell coming from underneath my sink? I took out some things and found a huge colony of mold had taken over the floor of the cabinet under my sink. Gross!! It was thick, black, and smelled nasty. *Freder catches me as I pass out!*

I attacked the smelly mold with tilex and paper towels.
By this point my entire apartment smelled of vanilla, mold, and tilex. Great...

I turned on my lights, fans, opened my window (the two inches it can open due to built-in safety measures), and let my air purifier run while I sat in the living room. Tonight I have reclaimed my room and I think it is doing better. There is still a stain from the growth of mold, though. I can't believe it got so bad before I noticed.