October 20th, 2007

The Heart

Taxonomy Mediator

Mittler zwischen Hirn und Hände muß das Herz sein.
Mediator between Brain and Hand must be the Heart

In web site organization, the mediator between the subject expert and the programmer must be the taxonomy editor.

My first job

It looks like I have been hired for my first real job!
I will be working as a consultant on a taxonomy project that will be used to power a search tool on a new website. The position is part-time and will run into next year. I will be working together with a subject expert and a programmer to get the taxonomy (thesaurus) developed and integrated into the site.
Though it is not exactly official yet, I did fax in my signature on the paperwork this weekend. We will get that settled and start working this coming week.
I thank God for opening the door to this job. I was not going to apply for it because I did not have the desired qualifications according to the job description (3 yrs experience), but my advisor met with me and encouraged me to try. God surely guides.
Continue to pray for me to clearly understand the material that I will be working with so I can organize it in a meaningful way! :)

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