November 27th, 2007

The heavens declare

Beautiful sky

Saturday as I was waiting outside for a meeting, the sky was so beautiful. The clouds were high cirrus and were draped across the horizon like gauze, like gossamer. Such fine white lines and yet so soft for their thinness. They looked more like snow drifts, the doodling of God, or ice skate trails than clouds I am used to seeing. Lovely.

This morning we have beautiful skies again! There is a huge grey mass cloud hovering over nearly all of the sky, but it suddenly breaks up right at the edge of the horizon into small grey dapples. There is a clear blue sky behind them, but the sunken sun is tinting those lower clouds yellow. So nice :) I love that effect where the land is simultaneously shadowed and dark, but all is also bright.

Now, it's off to finish my last decision making homework in the lab, read that class reading (I read a lot of it last night), attend class, and then work some for my company. Busy times, but the morning is off to a nice start!


I am so exhausted today. I was ready for bed at 8pm.
It's been a long month, a long year, a long education.

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