December 3rd, 2007


Met with grace

Thank God for His lovingkindness and the care that I receive from those around me.
I have been so afraid that my thoughts would be met with disregard. But I couldn't hold them in any longer, and so I explained everything and then waited to see what response I would get. I was so nervous, but I didn't have to be - my honesty was instead met with grace, care, and love. It is such a relief and such a joy! I feel like the prodigal son :)

In addition to such things, I spent the day comparing Nicodemus to the Samaritan woman at Bible study, wrote up my presentation for Wednesday, assisted some students in 690, and made icons (like this one). It was very windy, too, and one gust froze me into a dead stop in my walk. It was fun!
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Mineral Hierarchy

In trying to learn about rocks and minerals, I am hitting a barrier to my sense-making.
I can find bits and pieces of the knowledge domain - a long alphabetical list here, some encyclopedia entries there, part of a classification from the 1920's elsewhere, and some amazing databases with powerful search capabilities. But I am having trouble finding a simple, hierarchical structure of minerals that lays out the knowledge of the Mineralogy domain in one space. If it exists, I guess I will just have to keep looking. Of it doesn't exist...then I have work to do in pulling together these sources and building some taxonomies! That is very exciting... I almost hope nobody has done it already. At the same time...I don't know a thing about minerals! Just yesterday I found out that agate is a chalcedony. Whoops. How can I learn these things if I need to gather the information piece by piece as I go berry-picking?

Knowledge domain?

I think I am beginning to sound like a librarian... :)