December 9th, 2007

Agate sky

Home Christmas

I absolutely, positively cannot wait to go home for Christmas!
Christmastime means lounging on the old couch reading an old novel by the red/green/yellow lights of the Christmas tree. Snitching Russian tea cakes and sugar cookies baked by members of the church when everyone is watching! Wrapping numerous small bowls of sour cream, butter, and cranberry sauce with plastic wrap and refilling the extra set of salt and pepper shakers. Eagerly drooling over the shiny presents that have a tag with my name on them. Watching animated Christmas shows that were taped in the late 1980's. Bouncing around with impatience as I imagine my family opening the things I got them. Poking my stocking and wondering what little fun things are inside. Waiting for snow to come. Singing Christmas carols very loudly along with the CD. Drinking tea that has been stirred with a candy cane and then following it with a mug of hot chocolate. Being unable to sleep at night for the excitement! Reading Scripture at the Christmas Eve service and tentatively holding my candle, for fear the wax will burn me like it did so many years ago. Listing up all the things I got for Christmas. Giving everyone random hugs...because I love them and I can get away with it at Christmas time XD Meditating on the love of family and the love of my Father in heaven as I eat ham and yams. Joyfully celebrating the grace and goodness of God's heart together with so many people! Eating too much fudge and getting sick :p Learning Quenya all over again.