January 4th, 2008


2008 - a busy start

This new year has been pretty wild so far! I haven't even gotten the time to unpack my things yet.

My family celebrated the New Year at my grandparent's house. For dinner, we ate pork and sauerkraut, a Pennsylvania traditional dish for good luck. The sauerkraut was quite delicious. It wasn't too sour, since my grandmother added applesauce and potato water to the recipe. After dinner we sat around telling funny stories. My grandfather told one story about how the gravedigger scared him while he was on the way to get milk for his mother. We talked quite a while like this before we played dominoes. We started dominoes around 9:30 and played till 11:30, at which point we broke up to get out the blackberry wine and the 16-gauge shotgun. We (Matt, dad, and I) fired the gun at the stroke of midnight and then we all toasted to the new year with a glass of wine. After this, we finally finished the game of dominoes. It was a great evening and I was exhausted by the time we all got home!

Since then, we have been running hither and thither. My apartment in Maryland is still not subleased. We've been having trouble with that...hopefully it will be worked out soon. Also, I have been working for the company and taking calls from my boss and writing up meeting minutes. In my free time, my family watches old 1960's Mission Impossible TV episodes on DVD and I am working on the mineral hierarchy that I started a while back. It's progressing nicely, but I will need to decide how to handle certain issues, such as multi-colored varieties and stones with more than one parent.

Tonight we spent the evening at the Brown's playing pinochle and eating homemade ice cream. Tomorrow we will need to pack up my brother for college and Sunday after taking down the church Christmas decorations we will drive to Rochester to take my brother back to school :( Wednesday we traveled to College Park to meet about my apartment and stopped in to see my grandmother. The day before that we visited my aunt in Williamsport to celebrate the new year over lunch and conversations. It's been busy, to say the least!

There's a lot left to do. I need to get started paying back my loans, catch up on work for the company, prepare a presentation for the winter Bible conference, unpack from school, and many other various things. I am still eagerly looking forward to a break - as is the rest of the family. 2008 is off to quite a start!