February 22nd, 2008



Tonight my father and I made cookies. Well, he made the cookies and I helped to eat the batter! As is now our tradition, we watched a Spaghetti Western while doing so. It was quite fun, though I think I had too much sugar for one night...

Today we had 4 inches of snow fall. It was beautiful outside! All the trees and houses were covered in a thick dusting of white. Then, Wednesday night we watched the eclipse of the moon. It wasn't completely dark, but instead turned a reddish color. It was incredible. I feel that I need to make more time to sit in awe of the world around me. It is truly amazing!

It fills me with a desire to once again take to writing haiku and tanka poems. I was looking through my photo album just this afternoon and found some old photos of Gettysburg battlefield with poems taped to the backs. When I was studying there I used to ride my bicycle around the battlefield in the afternoons. I would pick a spot, park the bicycle, and write poetry about it. Then I would take a photo of the place and ride on through the rest of the park. The photo-poems are really nice to look back through. I should do more of this, but I feel like I have been really busy lately. In particular, prose writing is keeping me busy. I just started a new story the other day and I am really getting into it. Sometimes I feel that the days are simply too short! :)