March 4th, 2008


Drafting the story of megan

Today I've been reading through old journals, paper and electronic, to get an idea of where I have come from. I was surprised by how much I have changed. Yet, as I read, I can clearly taste the way I once thought. It was extremely revealing and interesting. I have about 18 paper journals spanning the years 1995-2005. Then, my livejournal is already 6 years old, running from 2002-2008. There is a lot of material to review! I merely skimmed the surface, but I managed to find a lot of useful material.

I am working on drafting a concise (1 page) life story or testimony based on all of these things. I am nearly finished, and I am quite excited! Hopefully it will be ready tomorrow so I can post it. I will also be playing with a ham radio tomorrow, though, so I may not get around to it. Also, with my brother home, I am trying to spend as much time with him as I can. He is a lot of fun to hang out with! But for now, here's a taste of some of the things I found as I rummaged today:

"How is man to live? the question of all philosophers. The question of all rebels." -March 2000

"Is it worth it to "try to get it all?" How many hours do I spend running around the internet on my latest find, while sitting in my room are hundreds of books, trinkets, and hats that merely gather dust? What is it that I am looking for, anyway?" -July 2005

"There are three things that seem to shape my ideal world. Arts, learning, and law. With these three, a person is truly respectable. So why is it that I feel so alone?" -October 2005