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March 5th, 2008

Testimony of Megan

Key Verse: Luke 19:10
for the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.

Childhood: Idealistic visions
As children, we all face the great wide world of life. It is full of terror as well as potential. Rather than accept the challenge, I turned a blind eye to it. I denied the reality before me and retreated into a mental realm of my own creation. I used definitions and images to weave new worlds. I refused to consider the future. I never dreamed about my ideal job or husband or house. I hid in my fantasies, constantly drifting into daydreams and writing stories. There were plains of quartz and fields of battle, hats of red and heroes in the sky. It was all magnificent and lovely... and imaginary.

I was not unfamiliar with the Bible in those days. I searched through it for books and verses to fuel my idealistic dream. I marked the pages of Ecclesiastes, circled names that I found interesting in Romans, and underlined references to the natural elements and their symbolism. I used the imagery as material for the construction of new chambers in my mental world. God forgive me that I used His words for my own selfish ambitions.

In order to rend the final separation between me and the world, I sought sorrow. Everybody else around me was out to eat, drink and enjoy life. But I wanted to live thoughtfully, quietly, and wisely. Unfortunately, my own world and definitions were far from true wisdomcontinue readingCollapse )


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