May 10th, 2008

Light of the window

New city, new work, new home

Yesterday my parents and I got the chance to travel to DC and get things set up for my new job there. I'll be moving into a studio apartment in Silver Spring that is just a few blocks from the metro. I'll commute into town on the metro, with a 15 minute walk at either end.

The apartment is very clean and neat and I am already making plans to decorate it. I plan to bring my Lament for Icarus poster along with my Mort Kunstler Civil War calendar pages. Then, I am going to splurge and buy some new posters - Mucha, Alma-Tadema, and/or Parrish. We're also gathering the furniture and supplies I'll need. I must say, I will be glad once everything is moved!

My new job will be at the Research Service. I will be doing information architecture/taxonomy tasks. My department is not very large, but we serve the whole service. I had the chance to meet many of my co-workers and they are all very friendly, intelligent people. I am really excited to start! The environment is wonderful and the work looks engaging.

As far as ham radio goes, I may or may not be taking my test on Tuesday. Either way, there is an EmComm (Emergency Communications) event on Wednesday, so I will get to help set up some antennas and talk on the air to some people.

In other news, a lady from my church noticed a few weeks ago how much I like wearing hats and she offered to give me her mother's hats. When we got back from DC, we found a hat box sitting in the breezeway! Inside were three black hats. The hat on top was made of thick black fabric and shaped like a small turban. The one in the middle is a thin veil on a white band. The hat on the bottom was wrapped separately and is like a small top hat. It is hard with a thin brim and black feathers on one side. I will have to pick which one I will wear tomorrow in church!

My current job is going all right. We have a demo coming up and so the schedule is getting busy. This week, it looks like we will be completing a number of tests on the program. I am looking forward to compiling the data and getting some statistics to work by. It is progressing, though I wish I could do more during these short weeks.

Currently, I am typing from the living room while watching Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's nice to see Belloq again! I still can't believe I saw him in an insurance commercial the other day carrying a big red umbrella. Even though time has passed, I still recognized him right away in his hat! It wasn't a pith helmet or a Panama hat, but it fit him nicely.

I believe that is about all the news for today.