June 30th, 2008


Field Day: Get on the Air

I was going to write one big post about Field Day - and I did write up a draft that was online for all of half an hour - but I think it will be more fun to split up the eventful moments of this past weekend into shorter entries over the next few days. That way I won't be spamming everyone's friend list pages with one or two very long-winded entries and I can get into the fun details of the various events. Wait...this became a long post! Well, I will put half of it behind the cut for you all.

It only makes sense to begin with the most basic activity of Field Day for people like myself: making contacts on HF (High Frequency) from the GOTA station.

Our Field Day stations were set up inside U-Haul-type moving trucks. Wandering around inside a moving truck felt very familiar to me, since I just moved about three or four weeks ago. It was a comfortable and roomy space in which to work. The walls of the trucks offered shade from the hot sun and also protected us from the rain... There's more stories to come on that topic later!

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Tomorrow's topic: We switch modes from SSB (voice) to CW (code)!