July 1st, 2008


Field Day: CW Station

1:00 am. Field Day carries on.
No, I didn't originally plan to stay all night, but once I was there, and heard that CW operations were potentially taking place at some point during the night at the Oak tree station, I didn't want to miss out.

In the meantime, I settled in at the station at the far end of camp and watched KB3CS and N8IVN carry on their work at a steady and sure pace. I also assisted in beverage retrieval for them, which was easier said than done. Even with a flashlight, crossing the camp to reach the food tent was kind of dangerous after a windy rain shower had torn some of our equipment down. But I knew where the tent pegs were and made sure to walk around them.

It was quiet, dark, and the moon had not yet come up. A nice time to sit back and have a Mt Dew while the guys logged more points. Some moths were chasing our trouble light, and I kept hearing the shuttering of their wings as they bumped into the side of the truck next to me. It was quite a calm night.

Once 2:00 am rolled around, I started eying the parking lot outside the truck for our CW operator. His Morse paddle was on the table beside me, so I knew he'd be coming here to look for it. For a minute, I doubted that he'd be back, but just about then I saw a familiar figure crossing the dark parking lot toward our station. Hooray, NG3K is back! We grabbed the keyer, the paddle, and the headphones and started our way back to Oak tree station.

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