July 17th, 2008



It bothers me when I see commercials where the characters are in heaven and everything is white and there's just clouds everywhere. It also hurts me when I hear people say that they think heaven will be boring. I think the reason for these is that people misunderstand the meaning of "perfect."

The idea of "perfection" in Western Culture (at least the way I had aways understood it), says that in order to be perfect you "must not do x, y, z". They define it is a kind of "negative"-concept. If you avoid all of this, then you will be perfect. People who are considered perfect "never" make mistakes, "never" do stupid things, "never" make people mad, etc. Do you see how it is a negatively defined concept in that it says nothing about the positive things that a person does?

From the little that I understand about Scripture, I think the word "perfection" that is used at least in many places actually means more akin to the word "complete, whole, achieved". So a perfect CW operator is not so much "one who never makes mistakes" as it is one who has achieved skill at the highest level and can quickly, accurately, and easily operate CW. The perfect painting is the one that is complete with every stroke in it's proper place and every color just the right hue. In Scripture, God says that He desires His people to be "perfect" by "being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ." (Romans 8:29) God made us in His image and desires to to fulfill and complete that creation in us by enabling us to become like Him in every way. What is God like? God is loving, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle - these are the fruit of His Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). He is also glorious and just.

So, in conclusion, heaven will not be a "lack" in order to be perfect. No, it will be a harmonious, colorful, complex, beautiful place. Think of how even this fallen creation is maintained through delicate balances and majestic combinations. If God created this world so colorful, why would He want heaven to be only one color? No, there will be stones of all colors forming the walls! The Church, the 'Body of Christ,' will be assembled, with each member whole and complete and in place. Heaven will be perfect.

Saturday and Sunday plans

Saturday I am going to volunteer to be a radio operator at a local race. I'll stand watch at a mile marker and call net control if something goes awry. Hopefully nothing will... It will be the first time that I am involved in a public service event with radio and the first time I will have called into a net. It will also be the first time I operate on an HT (hand-held transceiver) for an extended length of time. Should be interesting, as always!

Sunday I am practicing code with a ham friend of mine. Maybe the code will stick better that way. In the meantime, it's off to listen to those pesky letters that I can never seem to remember: l, f, y, and q. Just so I remember my conference call at 7:15...
The Narwhal

Code progress

Here are the latest stats from code practice.

Overall speed: 7 wpm
Character speed: 20 wpm

BBC Nature: 14 minutes - 85% correct
ABC US News: 18 minutes - 84% correct

I guess that's not too bad! At least I am consistent.
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