August 8th, 2008


Techno and Yugen

Good techno music is rich in yugen. Or at least, this is my opinion.
Yugen is that Japanese aesthetic of mystery, wonder, and depth. It is a major aspect of Noh theatre, which seeks to stimulate the mind and heart into imagining, rather than displaying every detail for the eyes to see. Techno music does something similar, once you've listened to it enough. The shifting movements of the music stir to mind memories of other songs as well as new harmonies. It awakens the mind.

Currently, I am listening to:
Dilruba, Niyaz - the opening song of Dj Doboy's 21st Vocal Edition (in Farsi, I believe)
Gone, Max Graham ft. Jessica Jacobs

behind your dreams
behind your prayers
What do you think?
what do you want?
what do you love?
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