August 9th, 2008


The flu

Thursday night I did a lot of work for the part-time job. At 10:30 pm, I called it quits and then went to practice my code, as is my usual habit. About 2 minutes into the practice I realized that my concentration was shot, so I turned off the program and went to bed. Oddly, I found that I was really cold and needed an extra heavy blanket...

I woke up on Friday morning with a fever and achy all over. My head felt like it was underwater. Uggg, what is this? I went off to work as usual, but as the day went on, the fever got worse and worse. By 2pm, my hands were icy cold and my head was burning hot. I was shivering and fumbling in my typing, but not feeling bad enough to call it a day. Somehow I could still focus and work through the search stats file, the results of which were due by the end of the day. I was sure to keep pushing the fluids - water for hydration and Coke for the queziness. I was very relieved when 5pm rolled around...

Once I got home, I took a dose of Oscillococcinum, made some tea, and hit the couch with the blanket for a nap. My fever was quite bad at that point and I was exhausted from the one hour commute home. The virus and the white blood cells were busy raging their war. I called mom later to check in with her for medical advice. Having a nurse in the family is handy! I also talked to my grandmother, since her husband has accidentally called me earlier that afternoon without realizing it - haahaa. Those cell phones are touchy things.

I went to bed at 10 pm Friday night and woke up and midnight to take the next dose of Oscillococcinum. Then, back to bed and up again at 6 am for the third dose that day. Then I went back to sleep till 10 am, when I had to get up and ready for a call with my boss at 11 am. After the call, I checked back in with mom on my status. I was feeling much better after having rested. The fever and the achiness were gone. My sinus were bothering me, though. My eyes hurt when I moved them quickly. For that, Sudafed. And Olive Leaf and Zinc to fight the virus. I took those with my lunch of beef stew and Panera sesame bread that I picked up on the way home Friday afternoon.

I spent the afternoon resting and working on a new website. For dinner, I finished the rest of the soup and bread and then had no excuse but to work 2 hours in the evening for the part-time job. At the moment, I feel kind of tired and my sinuses are a bit too dried out, but otherwise, I am much better. Whew. The flu is not fun. At least it wasn't worse!

The last thing to do is to get another full night of sleep and then air out the apartment and clean the room of germy things. After that, I should be back in good shape.
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