August 10th, 2008


Conclusion of the flu

Well, I feel all right today for the most part. Still, I don't feel like I could push myself to run around or concentrate really hard. I considered doing some CW practice today, but the thought of thinking that hard makes me sore. Guess my body (including my brain) is still recuperating. But it's been three days without practice and I am going through withdraw.
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Work; Hobbies

I've been working 2 jobs for the past 2 months now and it has been a challenge. The part-time job only requires an average of 10 hours extra a week, which is not bad as far as scheduling goes. Still, the weight of the responsibility is wearisome. I come home already tired from 8.5 hours at work and 2 hours of commuting to face more problems and bugs that demand a solution. It's getting less stressful as patterns are emerging and the solutions are easier to find, but for a while it was really tough. I am looking forward to the days when I don't have that added responsibility and can rest and enjoy the evenings again. It's looking like that will be starting in November.

I should make out a list of things I will do once I have leisure time again...
Which brings me to another topic: hobbies.

My brother and I never really had special hobbies when we were young. We played a lot of board games, card games, and video games together, but we never seemed to run across an art or a skill that we enjoyed and were good at. I dappled in drawing and writing, but my stories always get too long and are thus never completely finished. I guess my brother tried to get into different things, too, but never seemed to find anything that stuck with him.

Now that my brother and I are in our twenties, we are picking up our respective crafts. Everyone hears me talk about CW, so that is obviously what I have chosen to pursue. My brother, on the other hand, has chosen to dive into chess and music mixing.

In our teenage years we always lamented about how we never picked up a skill as a child - the age when all the experts seem to latch onto their crafts. We gave up hope that we would ever find anything that we would love and become skillful doing. I think we've both come to realize that even though we discovered our arts quite a while after those formative childhood years, that we will surely become talented if we continue practice. I wish Matt much success in his chess games online with players from around the world and he has wished me many good CW QSOs :) My brother is great! I can't wait to see where his path will lead him. I pray that his work will be equally as satisfying as his chess games and ambient music. :)