September 19th, 2008

Union County, middle school mural

Home in October

In my mind, we're rolling up through the hills of Pennsylvania, following the Susquehanna River. That river leads home.

West Milton was a bustling railroad town once. The trains shipped out goods that were manufactured across the river in Milton. Canal boats and lumber filled the Susquehanna from one side to the other. There were rows of houses with gingerbread woodwork and a sprinkling of churches and farms.

Today, it's a quiet little residential spot on the Union county map. Just a few streets of houses, a bank with a barn out back, and a post office. The restaurant on the corner switches hands every few months. It was a deli, then a pizzeria, but who knows what it is now. The churches, though, still stand and their bells ring out in the evening just before twilight begins to fall.

On our way there, will we see the rocks in the river or will the water be lapping at the foot of the highway? I don't know, since it has been 3 months since I have been there. Is the corn dry? It is short? Is it green and ripe? I've lost touch with the agricultural season here in the city. Collapse )