September 30th, 2008


Organization evening

I finally organized my ham radio notes today. I filled one notebook with information on how to make CW QSOs, band plans, Q-signals, abbreviations, prosigns, and contesting info. I filled the second notebook with equipment manuals and EmComm notes. My desk looks much better now. I have the QSO notebook stacked with my logbook, Operating Manual, and CW copying notebook. My QSL card collection is under the plexiglass desk cover. I enjoy admiring them as I practice with the Bencher. They also encourage me to keep up my practice for future QSOs!

It's currently thunderstorming (I'm on the laptop). I'm enjoying the sound as I take a break before diving into work for this evening. I think I've been pushing a little too hard. Even though I got my usual allotment of sleep today, I just about dozed off at work today. Gotta get more rest.

At least I have trail mix! It's the perfect protein punch for the morning hours. I think trail mix will become one of those memorable foods that I eat daily for a while - just like the cottage cheese and apple butter was earlier this year. I could really go for some of that right now...