October 15th, 2008

Union County, middle school mural


I spent the evening writing QSL cards, updating my paper log book, and organizing my notes from the contest. I wrote up three QSL cards for PA, two for Tennessee, and one in Braille for Michigan. It was nice to get the slate and stylus out again. It's been a long time.

I'm also doing some work for the part time job this evening. We have a conference call over lunch tomorrow. I have two meetings before that, so it will be a full morning. Once the meetings are done, it will be back to testing the search engine.

I can't wait for the weekend. If all goes well, I might get some time to relax. That would be nice! The Illinois QSO Party is this weekend, so maybe I will take some time to poke at the radio. I heard a fellow in Indiana last night talking about the weather when I set my radio back up, so maybe the propagation will work to get my signal into Illinois. It can't hurt to check it out.

But first, I must check to see if my changes to the taxonomy had any effect and then I need to compare the ranking of the results to the desired ranking scheme. I also need a refill on my water. This warm weather is really something! A few years ago, we had a blizzard at the end of October, but these days I feel like I could melt.

[Edit 11:22 pm - I am now signed up for the basic level SkyWarn class Sunday afternoon. I'll learn how to be a spotter so I can really offer a hand with the SkyWarn nets. I think they'll be teaching us about the different kinds of atmospheric conditions and signs - it should be quite fun! Weather is always interesting.]

New Shoes

Every time I get new shoes, I go through the same thing. I end up spending the next two weeks with raw sores on the back of my ankles. Until my feet get used to the shape, size, and feel of the new shoes, the skin on the back of my foot rubs itself open and bleeds. I suppose that could be an analogy for change in general. I always end up getting worn a bit thin until I can adjust, settle into, and grow comfortable in the new situation. Things heal up quickly, though, and I completely forget about the adjustment until the next time I find myself in a new pair of shoes.

I'm going to dig out my band-aids before I walk to work tomorrow...