November 10th, 2008


CW QSO, partial sample

On the evening of August 23, I heard K1MBF from TN loud and clear on 7.050 MHz. Tonight, he called around 8:15 pm on that same frequency but I heard nothing but noise, even with the CW filter (which I didn't have in August). At first, I thought, "Maybe tonight is a bad night for 40 meters." But then I thought about it. August 23 was a long time ago! That was summer and now we are nearing winter. No doubt the propagation patterns have changed since then.

Tomorrow is a holiday, so I plan to get on the radio and look for people calling CQ. What will we say? For starters, probably something like this:

In CW:
GM es tnx fer the rpt - ur RST 579 579 579 hr in Silver Spring, MD? Silver Spring, MD - my name is Megan Megan - hw cpi? AR K1ABC de KB3RGW k

In plain English:
Good morning and thanks for the report. Your signal's readability is 5 (out of 5), its strength is 7 (out of 9), and its tone is 9 (out of 9) here in Silver Spring, MD -- I am going to repeat that -- Silver Spring, MD. My name is Megan. How do you copy? I am finished with this message now. K1ABC, this is KB3RGW, back to you.

In Audio:
I made an audio file of the message with the Bencher. I messed up a couple times and the audio is not too great since I was recording it at 11:30 pm from the macbook's built-in mike, but here it is.

よし、(Ok!) I need to get to bed so I can get up and send that message (and more) on the air in the morning.

Isn't CW fun?

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