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November 14th, 2008

Macbook 2

My brother has joined the dark side.
He got a macbook like his big sister! :)

It comes at a fitting time, too. It is almost the one year anniversary of my macbook. I can't believe it has been that long. The mac runs as if I got it yesterday. It's a great machine.

Of all its features, I most appreciate the smooth running OS. I think the only time a program crashed one me was last December when I was overly ambitious about what my new sidekick could do. The only other trouble I had was with the language toolbar. Since I got the mac with Leopard OS right after it came out, I had to manually activate the language toolbar functionality in the CLI terminal so I could type in Inuktitut. That was scary, but it was easy enough to fix. I can't think of any trouble I had besides those two things.

I love the look and feel, the speed and responsiveness, the expose function, iTunes, and Taco HTML editor. It has been my first laptop and I hope it will last me many, many years to come. It was well worth the money. I hope my brother enjoys his even half as much as I enjoy mine!


Code practice

Tonight's CW practice: "I like the Bencher es it likes QRQ hi hi"

es = and
QRQ = send faster; or here referring to faster speed operation
hi hi = lol

Really, this isn't much faster than what I was sending before, but it's a step forward towards real QRQ. Also, my spacing could be better... It is a bit random here.


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