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December 1st, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I had a very pleasant Thanksgiving this year. I was able to sleep in three days, eat my fill for four days, and catch up on everyone's latest news and stories. The message was also very encouraging yesterday. It was a wonderful rest in the midst of a busy year. Now I can't wait for Christmas.

In the meantime, I have been sent back with many goodies - chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips, bologna and cheese, chex mix, and lots of other nice treats thanks to my mom, dad, grandma, and brother. That will surely give me the energy that I need to do my work and last until Christmas! Thanks to all who made it a great Thanksgiving :)


QSL from PA QSO Party

Thanksgiving was also nice because I got my 5th QSL card from the PA QSO Party. My desk is starting to look really nice with all these QSLs. Thanks to all who sent me a card :)

Of the 5 QSL cards I received, 3 are from blind hams. That surely seems like more than a coincidence to me!

I need to call some people about the Braille transcribing program for next year. And once the part time job ends, I need to start studying for that Extra class license. I also can't wait to start planning for QRP/contest outings next year. I now have a very nice jackite that is begging to be put to use. I still need to find myself a light, portable paddle... I have been eying small power supplies on ebay and dreaming about that Bencher hex key, but I am currently saving up money in the hopes of paying off my graduate school loan. I'm getting pretty close.

As for tonight, I am off to a make-up session for the Winter Weather SkyWarn class.

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