January 8th, 2009

A Balance

That's not a radio!

Today on my way to work, I saw a bus that was shorter than usual and rather boxy looking. Suddenly, in my mind's eye, I saw it as a big Icom 718. But, Megan, a transceiver and a bus are not related at all! My mind somehow thought the proportions matched quite exactly, though.

I submitted braille lesson 3 out of 20 last night. I got my report back this afternoon. I misspelled one word, which threw off the end of the line, but the assignment was still accepted. (It ruined my perfect record, though!) Next it is onto chapter 4 - where I begin to get into Grade 2 contractions. I am eager to get through the next couple chapters so I can read my Grade 2 braille magazines...

When I got back from work, I threw up a wire with some tacks and got my tuner set up. I am too lazy at the moment to figure out how to run a feedline to something on the balcony. For some reason I have been more tired than usual lately. I guess it is taking longer than I expected to adjust back to a full schedule. Speaking of which, I think I will turn in for the night. Sleep sounds really good right about now. Just so I don't dream of buses that are radios!