January 15th, 2009


Walk home

Twenty-eight degrees.

The new blue scarf and black beret do some to protect against the breeze, but the cold still finds its way into the ends of my fingers. Somehow, the gloves and pockets can't keep out the chill. I tell my feet to hurry on, but they stumble into a shuffle. They don't like the cold either.

The lamps outside the Library mimic the light of the rising sun at 8:00 and setting sun at 5:00. The trees are black silhouettes against a white dome and they flash with the light of cameras.

A white cane taps out the way across the street as two girls rush past me, cell phones to the ears. I look questioningly at the squirrel that sits watching us walk past. Shouldn't he be hibernating?

It seems like there is more traffic on the streets than usual. People have already starting gathering for the festivities next week. To me, though, it's just another walk home from Capitol Hill. And I am very happy to finally arrive home where I can get a mug of hot tea and a handful of chocolates.