February 22nd, 2009



Some mornings, as I walk to work, the sky is a patchwork of broken clouds. The rosy masses grow thin, break apart, and fade as the warm morning sun rises through them.

Some mornings, as I sit on metro, the sky is completely covered in a wall of cloud. But as we ride higher above the city, the very edge of the horizon appears, and there is a line of neon fuchsia-orange beyond the shoreline of the dark wall.

Some mornings, the sky is completely clear, and the sun warms the color of the sky from deep blue, to pale blue, to peach before it appears over the city.

This morning it is cool grey outside. It's snowing now, and there may be some rain mixed in, too. It's a perfect day to rest and take it slow. Time to start the day with tea and meds to continue this fight against the cold!
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