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March 18th, 2009

Been busy

I just got back from the Braille conference Sunday night around midnight. It was great. I thoroughly enjoyed the tactile graphics (using Adobe Illustrator) session as well as the Braille history session. The other workshops were also very helpful and enlightening. Of course, the food and company were also wonderful and I came home with lots of Braille and goodies.

Since getting back, I've been fervently digging into old records. I have questions submitted to two archives, one here in DC and another overseas. I am on the trail to finding the original photographs behind the pictures that I found in those old newspapers at LOC. Also, I am hunting to find out about the lookouts of the Oceanic. I'm trying to figure out if Quartermaster Perkis was ever a lookout on that ship. I also compiled a list of the known boat assignments for the deck department of the Titanic. I found about 25 of them mentioned by the survivors, which was more than I expected. However, I wasn't able to identify any particular pattern that would enable me to determine the assignments for the remaining 40 or 50 deck crewmen. I thought for sure that they would have been assigned by some simple method - alphabetical, order in which they signed on, by watch, etc. I didn't find anything like that.

Work is going well and has also been busy these days. I spent this morning writing up documentation from a pilot study that we just completed. I also scheduled a training meeting for a large group of employees next month. I delivered a presentation at the Law Library yesterday and today we had a conference call to discuss ways to manage user feedback on one area of our site. Tomorrow I'll tune into a webinar on a new software suite for gathering user feedback. As a good web user at home, I submitted feedback to the Liverpool Records Office when their website asked me to participate in a survey. I had to admit that I was a little confused at first, but did find what I was looking for. I was disappointed when it was not available in digital form, but being a librarian, I should know better.

That's news in a nutshell.

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