June 4th, 2009


C.R. and Schooner

To my great surprise, I received mail from Southampton, England this past Monday. I was so pleased! I had ordered a search of the Central Register of Merchant Seamen for a certain individual and they did indeed find some cards there that contained information about the sailor. It was fascinating. It brought up some good questions, which I hope to start digging into soon.

The independent researcher that I contacted a few weeks ago was busy at work in the archives today to find the documents I wanted and to make copies from them. Some of the documents were very easy to find and apparently in nice condition. Some of the others were on microfiche/microfilm and they were a lot more troublesome to handle. Still, that research project seems to be coming along nicely. The researcher is quite friendly and I'm glad that I got in touch with him. I can hardly wait to see what the crew lists say! Hopefully, we will be able to find the Particulars of Engagement discharge papers for the Titanic so we can determine which crew members returned to England on which ships. There was a brief discussion of this recently on the Encyclopedia Titanica message board.

I may be spending this Saturday aboard the American Spirit. I am in the process of arranging for training to become a volunteer crew member. I have to admit that I am pretty thrilled at the thought!

In other news:

It's been wet and rainy here. I heard that we had quite a bit of flooding in the area yesterday.

The Harris & Ewing digital collection uploaded about 2,000 new images, but I didn't run across any new Titanic photos.

I submitted another ship crew transcription list, but I have a few more in the queue to finish before I leave the Walter Thomas. I'll miss James, Jenkins, Rose, and the rest of the crew!