June 23rd, 2009


Metro Day 2

I decided to brave the commute today to go to work. To my surprise, it only took an hour and forty-five minutes. I walked down to the bus area, hopped a metro shuttle, and rode down all the way to Rhode Island Avenue. We went rather slowly the first leg of the trip to Takoma. At Takoma, someone asked the driver whether this was the bus to RI Ave and the driver said he wasn't sure. We all looked at one another. As it turns out, the driver had been called from the Virginia routes and he wasn't familiar with these roads. He had been following printed instructions given to him by the emergency workers. Another worker asked a passenger to act as navigator and he willingly agreed to do so. Shortly thereafter, a woman spoke up and said that the driver didn't need to worry - she knew the way to Fort Totten - and Rhode Island Avenue! Everyone on the bus laughed. She yelled out directions all along the way in a clear, cheerful voice and the navigator confirmed it on the map. Why, we had our own Molly Brown on board!

Along the way, we saw the crash site. It was just on the other side of the ridge and we saw the top of the train and the lights and cameras. It looked about the same when we returned home. It was so strange to see...

We pulled into Rhode Island Avenue and I caught the first train there to Union Station. I even got a seat, as I did on the bus. From Union Station, I had the usual walk to the Library, and I arrived to work only about ten minutes late.

Work went as usual and I followed the same route back home. It took me two hours to get home. I had company on the way back from the Library, so that made the trip enjoyable. I also got to sit down for ride.

I left home at 7 am, returned at 7 pm. Since then, I chatted with my brother on the 'phone and played some Stepmania to unwind. I am not sure how I am going to last through Field Day, because I am going to be beat from these long commutes.