July 11th, 2009


Wednesday evening sailing, weekend rest and research

Wednesday night after work I went down to the marina to return a stopwatch that I accidentally brought home with me from boat maintenance day. While there, I took the opportunity to participate in the weekly Wednesday night social sail. It was really pleasant weather, though the wind was a little on the slow side. We still had a really fun time. I got to go out in one of the Flying Scots with two other fellows. It was very fun.

The rest of the week, I've been feeling rather beat. I had plans to participate in IARU today, but instead I slept in till almost noon and have been taking it slow today. I hope to start feeling better soon.

In terms of research, I gave in and bough $11 worth of credits to view a couple records in the 1911 UK census. I learned some neat things and I am looking into posting some info on the Encyclopedia Titanica biographies. First I am seeking advice on how to confirm that I've found records on the right people.

The crew list copies that I ordered have also been a source of wonderful info. One list was from the Oceanic's January 1912 voyage when New York City harbor was frozen over! I posted a short summary of what I learned over at the ET message boards. I was also looking back in 1907 and found a Fred Fleet and E Archer listed among the seamen. Ernest Archer and Frederick Fleet were both later employed on Titanic. Their lifeboats hailed one another during the night and Archer's boat No. 16 lent Fleet's boat No. 6 a fireman to help them row. Fleet and Archer were both called to testify at the inquiries, but it looks like they went back to work on different ships after the disaster. Fleet went to work on Titanic's sister, Olympic, but I have a feeling that Archer may have returned to his old ship, Oceanic. I'm not certain, though, since I haven't seen Oceanic's later 1912 crew lists.

Ok, back to resting...