September 3rd, 2009


Type-typing at work, reading at home

Work has been rather hectic the past few weeks. I've got stacks of assignments waiting for attention and lists of things to do after those are finished. Next week, my boss will be away on vacation, so I'll be the contact person for the metrics program for a week. I already have a couple training sessions to schedule during that time. I have never led that type of training before, but I think that might be the easiest part of the week. Things are going well, but I sure am tired from all the work!

On Tuesday evening, I made a trip to Borders and bought myself a book. It may very well be the first book that I bought from that store for myself in the time that I've been here. I've been enjoying reading Mr. Dana's story in the evenings and I continue to read Isaiah during my morning commute. We had a door jam this morning, so I got a whole extra 15 minutes to read about King Hezekiah. I am rather perplexed by his personality and I can't quite determine if he was a good king or a bad king. (Isaiah 38-39) I suppose I could go read more about him in Chronicles or Kings to find out...

Oh! A bright face is peeking in my balcony window. The moon is rising in the east. Fall is fast approaching. Time to turn the lights on.