January 9th, 2010

Lady France

Saturday activities

Today's completed activities: tuned mandolin, slept in, ordered Chinese, did some laundry

Today's to-do activities: get info on tomorrow's church service, shop for a new cell phone (old one keeps cutting me off randomly in various locations), catch up on email
Union County, middle school mural

Cell phone

In the summer of 2006, I got my first cell phone. While I fought against this for a few weeks, I finally had to concede defeat because my new apartment didn't offer hookups for landlines.

It was a really exciting day. Dad came home one afternoon with an armful of little red boxes - one for mom, one for me, and one for Matt. It was like Christmas! My brother and I immediately went off to test the built-in cameras, find fun ringtones, browse the user guides, and personalize our color themes.

That summer, we took photos of just about everything - including gram's cat Snockems, who took off for the corn field at the sound of the artificial flash. She didn't stop to look back until she had reached the edge of the field! Matt and I also took photos during our lunch breaks at Bucknell University Library, where we worked that summer. I had an internship with the metadata librarians and Matt worked in the mail room and cataloged new books. (He's done more cataloging than I ever have, I think.)

Now it's the winter of 2009, and my cell phone is showing signs of age. The case looks brand new, but the quality of my transmitted signal is decreasing and occasionally calls drop out for no particular reason at random times. So, I think it is time for me to get a new phone.

While in 2006, just having a cell phone was a thing of wonder, today I get to go shopping for a style that matches my particular user needs. My priorities for the new phone are:

-Thin, small, and light weight
-Simple, easy to access menus
-Basic camera functionality
-No need for email/internet access
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