February 19th, 2010

Discovery right hand

First week

Well, my first week as an "IT Specialist" is done. Exhale.

My corner is organized, my email inbox is manageable in size, and all was left in good order. We held down the fort! It wasn't an easy week, but I have a feeling that the weeks ahead are going to be a lot harder. This week, everyone seemed to be giving me breathing room, but ahead lies a lot more work, and the work will need to be faced and tackled somehow.

I feel like a flock of one - a sheep whose shepherd has disappeared and cannot be found. (Though, of course, I have the comfort of the rod and staff of my Good Shepherd, who sits on the throne and lives to intercede for me, even at this very moment! I thank my God.)

Today at a meeting, I heard some news from another department that was quite exciting with regards to my work. My heart took a leap in the air and I thought, "Just wait until my boss hears this! He'll be so happ..." And in the same instant, my heart crashed back to the ground and I blinked back the sadness. The feet of the messenger had nowhere to take the good news. Only a vase of flowers sits in the place where my boss once sat.

This evening, I've been catching up on chores - balancing the checkbook, washing the dishes, doing laundry, paying bills, and planning out the work of tomorrow: groceries, post office visit, etc. Thankfully, the weather has been warm the past two days and a lot of ice melted. All Wednesday night-long the ice in the gutter was dripping onto the chassis of the air conditioner with a drip drop drop that helped to keep me awake until 1 or 2 am and then woke me up again at 6 am. Last night, there was no dripping from the gutter - I think it may finally be draining out the downspout which had previously been a solid frozen mass of ice, inside and out. So, I don't think I will have to fight with ice this weekend. Hooray! I may return to Union Station in search for the elusive Shamrock Shake tomorrow, depending on how ambitious I am feeling. We'll see where my feet decide to go. I may simply end up in the Jefferson Building soaking in the art and quiet.