March 12th, 2010

sailor's dream

A few sail vessels

I once thought that all ships were basically similar, but the more I read and see, the more I see that the different rigs have completely unique visual personalities. Here are a couple types that were popular in 19th century America:

Sloops fore-and-aft rigged, 1 mast vessel

Schooners fore-and-aft rigged, 2+ mast vessel
James Pierce (5-masted schooner!)

Barkentines square rigged foremast, fore-and-aft rigged main and mizzen masts, 3+ mast vessel
Ethyl V. Boynton

Ships square rigged 3+ mast vessel (also called full-rigged ships)
Mary L. Cushing
Robert Ewing

Which type do you like the most?