March 14th, 2010

The heavens declare

Heart's love

Last night I was about to post this: My love for sailing is unrequited. While I love it dearly, it stands beyond my reach! It's horribly frustrating. My soul is longing, unsatisfied. I should just move on and turn my attention to what is actually satisfying to the soul, but it's not as easy to do as it sounds.

I did post it, actually, under a private entry.

I was feeling lovesick for the sea and the packet liner service. But considering that it no longer exists, my longing for it will never be fulfilled or satisfied. I suppose there are a lot of dreams that will never be realized. So I had to stop and ask myself why I pour my energy into an unrequited love? Wouldn't it be far better to instead pour that same heart into the One who loves me unfailingly and has loved me since before the foundation of the world?

One who will not forget me. Isaiah 49:15
One who will not lose me. John 10:28
One who will not leave me. Deuteronomy 31:6, 31:8; Joshua 1:5
One who is deserving of my love. Revelation 5:12, Jeremiah 2:13
One who satisfies my soul. Isaiah 55:2, John 6:35, John 4:14

He's the Captain of my salvation!

"In his [Philip Henry's] last days he said to his family, 'I take you all to record that a life spent in the service of Christ is the happiest life that a man can spend upon the earth.'" page 76 of Holiness by J C Ryle.

Psalm 90:14
"Oh, satisfy us early with Your mercy,
That we may rejoice and be glad all our days!"