March 21st, 2010


Mighty in the Word, correctly

About a year or two ago, I listed out my life-long dreams. At the top of the list was to "Become like Apollos of Alexandria, who was 'mighty in the Scriptures' (Acts 18:24)".

At the time, I felt that this meant being particularly knowledgeable about the content of the Bible. I was engaging in lots of different Bible studies and seeing new truths that I hadn't seen before in the old, familiar text. It was very exciting and I wanted to continue growing in personal knowledge of the Word. This kind of enthusiasm is fresh and exciting. It has been a gift from God, for which I am ever thankful.

At the same time, the devil is always on the prowl to turn good things sour. He wished to do the same with this dream by turning my curious hunger for truth into an excuse to become prideful. I could easily begin to feel better than others because of my effort in Bible study and my new-found knowledge of the Bible. If I merely wanted to study the Bible to please my own curiosity and ambition, I could allow my effort and knowledge to go to my head and puff up my selfish pride. I don't want to be knowledgeable in the Scriptures so I can find passages that give me excuses or make me feel better and higher than others. I want to be mighty in God's Bible for another reason.

Do you all remember how God used the books of Solomon to draw me back to Himself after being so caught up in the emptiness of Ecclesiastes in this life? God's doing the same thing now with my friend and brother Apollos! Praise God for being able to save me completely. Collapse )