May 13th, 2010


Sail Training - Part 1

I attended schooner training from 5:30-8:30 this evening. It was really thorough, clear, and productive. We raised sail at the dock since there was hardly a breath of wind and found that there were some batons, lines, and equipment that needed to be replaced. The new skipper is determined to scrub up and spruce up the boat so she looks better than ever before. I'm really excited at the prospect! Our new skipper is also looking forward to ship-shaping the crew so we'll all be fit to handle the Spirit with professionalism and ease. I can hardly wait to be trimmed into a fine sailor. Perhaps this will be the makings of my new career? :) I can dream, right?

At any rate, it felt great to be out at the marina among the friendly faces - Sequoia, Nightingale, and the rest. I also saw a few new faces among the masts... We will have to get acquainted. The crew were all new to me, save one fellow who had also volunteered last summer.

My feet are a little tender from standing about the deck for so long and my skin feels stuffy from the warm evening at the docks. I am exhausted. It's a very nostalgic feeling.
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